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I never really knew you,

and yet you mean so much.

Stories told of how much

you loved me and cared.

Stories of war and of fighting illness.

I may not remember you

but i can still love you.

You were the father of my dad,

the husband to my grandmother,

and the grandfather to me.

I know you had wished that

I’d been born male,

but you loved unconditionally.

You played with me

and agreed to whatever 

came out of my mouth.

When i was three,

you went to sleep.

Even though i cant remember a thing,

i ask grandmother questions

and remake memories with you,

even see you through the moon.

Roscoe Mathieson Van Horne.

I know how much you loved me,

and like all loved ones who went to heaven,

I know you are watching over me thinking,

"What is  she doing?” and “what is she saying.”

Loving me still.

I love you Moon.

I love you Grandpa.

~B V H  2/25/2011

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Hesitation (original poem by me)

I hesitate,

avoid your face.

Give you my cheek,

all i’ll allow you to take.

Butterflies whisper,

you’ve made a mistake.

Multiple times i’ve shied away,

scared to take the plunge.

Fluttering wings,

caress my face.

Gently moving 

into place.

Soft and sweet,

careful as a rose.

Yet passionate

like a poem

set in stone.

~B V H   9/27/2010 

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Your ________ (original poem by me)

Even though we’re miles apart 

I still feel you near, 

Your hand gently guiding 

My lips to yours. 

Your arms wrapped around me as we sleep. 

Your slow, 

Deep breaths and sighs 

Gliding down my neck. 

Your eyes staring at me 

Searching my face 

For the slightest hint 

That i may be second guessing you, 

That you may not be good enough for me, 

Whilst i’m doing the same to you. 

Your voice, strong, and caring 

Sharing your thoughts and history 

Letting me into your life. 

Trusting me with your heart. 

Although your heart may not be with me anymore, 

Mine will always be with you, 

Where ever you may be.    

~B V H   10/17/2011



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